Saturday, April 13th, doors open 9am

Can you hold a Record Store Day title for me? I'll pre-pay.
No, we can't. Stores aren't allowed to hold or pre-sell any Record Store Day items. We can't sell any Record Store Day titles on the phone or online until 8am EST the day after RSD.
Are you going to have this record in stock?
How many copies will you have?
How much is it going to cost?
We'll be publishing an excel list on Friday, April 12th with all of the Record Store Day items we have in stock with quantities and prices of each. We'll also have our entire Record Store Day inventory on our website with live quantities so that as things sell throughout the day you can see how many we have left. On Record Store Day you can check live inventory on our website while waiting in line or from the comfort of your couch if you don't want to brave the line. There may be a slight delay on the stock updates on our website so feel free to give us a call on RSD for up-to-the-minute stock availability. Click on the RSD 19 tab at the top of our website (it will be live by the night of Friday the 12th). We will have several thousand Record Store Day items in stock.
How did you decide what to order?
We put out an interest survey back in February to help us determine which Record Store Day titles our customers wanted most. The titles that got the most picks are the ones we ordered the most of. If no one selected it on the survey, we didn't order any copies of it.
I've heard stores get "allocated" for RSD, what does this mean?
Due to the limited edition nature of Record Store Day items labels and distributors aren't able to completely fill all of the orders from stores. We could order 100 copies of a certain release and only receive 10 copies of it. We could also order 100 copies of a certain release and be billed for all 100. Because of this it's a tough gamble for stores to try to get the stock that they actually want. While we do our best to order plenty of copies of the most desirable titles, unfortunately we don't always receive everything we order.
How do you determine the prices for Record Store Day titles?
Distributors and labels provide record stores with a suggested retail price range. Stores are required to price the Record Store Day titles within this range or their right to participate in RSD will be revoked. We never raise prices on RSD titles outside of this range.
What time does the line usually start?
In years past the line has started as early as 4am. Last year the person that was 25th in line arrived at 7am. The line usually starts to heavily thicken around 8 - 8:30 but every year is different. The store opens at 9am.
How long will there be a line outside the store?
It's tough to say. Last year we had a line outside until about 2pm. The store closes at 7pm on RSD.
How are the Record Store Day items organized?
We re-arrange the store on Record Store Day to accomodate the thousands of additional records we add to inventory. We will have a roped off section down the middle of the store with all of the Record Store Day items in alphabetical order. There is absolutely no cutting in line once in the store. The person in front of you has dibs over you and you have dibs over the person behind you. If the only title you want is in the Z section you will need to wait until the line has moved all the way to the end before picking it up. 7"s and 10"s will be at the very end of the RSD selection.
Can I buy multiple copies of the same record? My friend wants one and can't make it.
No. All Record Store Day items are one per person on RSD. Meaning you can buy 1 copy of every record but you can't buy more than 1 copy of the same title. Starting Sunday, April 14th you can buy as many copies of the same title as your heart desires. We do this to prevent eBay flippers from getting in line early and buying up the most desirable titles as well as to allow folks that arrive later in the day to have a chance at getting what they want.
Do you guys do 1-in-1-out?
We sure do! We want to make sure everyone has an enjoyable shopping experience on RSD. While other stores can get chaotic with folks mobbing the RSD selection we keep it very relaxed. After we're at capacity on the RSD selection we will start doing 1-in-1-out to ensure everyone can browse without bumping elbows. We'll be checking folks out as fast as possible to keep the line moving throughout the day.
Will you be buying records on RSD? I want to get some store credit to put towards my Record Store Day purchases.
No, we won't. We're not accepting any record drop offs or buying any records on the 12th, 13th, or 14th.  
I'm not interested in purchasing Record Store Day items - do I still have to wait in line?
Yes. If you're not interested in purchasing Record Store Day items but you'd like to shop at the store on April 13th it would be best to come by later in the afternoon when the line will either be super short or non-existent.
I heard something about a Record Store Day coupon?
Every year on Record Store Day and Record Store Day Black Friday we hand out a 20% off your next purchase coupon. There's no purchase necessary - all you gotta do is show up on April 13th and you'll go home with a coupon. The coupon can be used for 20% off your next in-store purchase from 4/21 - 5/10. *some exclusions apply*
Can I return or exchange a Record Store Day item? I haven't opened it.
No. All sales are final on Record Store Day items.  
Where can I park?
All parking in downtown Alpharetta is free and there's no time limit on weekends. You can find a parking map here:
Is there a bathroom in the store?
We regrettably do not have a restroom for customers. There are bathrooms across the street at the city hall parking deck that are open 24/7. I'm sure the folks standing next to you in line would be happy to hold your spot.
Are y'all doing any giveaways for RSD this year?
We are! We're doing multiple giveaways for RSD this year including several turntables and speaker set ups. You'll have a chance to enter in store on RSD.
Will y'all be open on Friday, April 12th?
TBD. We're doing our best to get our RSD prep done as quickly as possible but we may need to close all day on Friday or close early in order to finish setting up for the big day. Unfortunately a lot of RSD product arrives on the Thursday and Friday before RSD and we need to make sure we have everything checked into inventory and in the bins before Record Store Day. We'll send out an update on Facebook and Instagram if we need to close or close early on the 12th.
I can't make it on April 13th. How do I get my hands on these sweet exclusives?
Starting 8AM EST on Sunday, April 14th we will have all remaining RSD inventory available on our eBay page - these items can be shipped worldwide or picked up in store for free. The store will be open normal hours Sunday, April 14th (12pm - 6pm) and remaining RSD inventory will be available in store as well.  
My question isn't on here. What do I do?
Send us an email.
We hope to see you on Saturday, April 13th to celebrate Record Store Day with us!