We Buy Records


We are always buying record collections of all sizes!
We're interested in jazz, rock, blues, funk, soul, hip-hop, punk, metal, alternative, reggae, electronic, soundtracks, country, & more. Price depends on condition, artists, & resale value. We generally pay 1/3 - 1/2 of what we're going to try to sell an album for. Most of the used records in our store are priced between $4 - $20 and we pay approximately 1/3 of their value. For more rare and valuable records we pay up to 1/2 of their value. If you're interested in store credit instead of cash you can expect to get 20% more in store credit.
We do not buy very many 45 RPM singles but we are happy to take a look at any you have for sale. We do not buy any 78 RPM records.
You can book an appointment through our portal on the bottom of this page. Our store is closed Monday - Wednesday but we offer record drop off appointments 7 days a week.

We will ask that you drop your LPs off and allow us a day or two to go through them. We will have to check the condition on all of them, look up value of some, and test play others in order to make you a fair offer and this takes time. Please know that we do not guarantee that we will be interested in purchasing all of your records. In most cases, we are interested in purchasing a portion of the collection. In some instances we're interested in purchasing the entire collection and in other scenarios we have to pass on the collection completely.

If you'd like help getting albums from your car to the store we have a hand truck and are happy to assist - please call us when you park and we'll walk out to help bring your records in. The parking map below highlights available parking options. We strongly encourage you to use the area highlighted in yellow labeled unloading / rolled curb or a parallel spot in front of or on the side of Comeback Vinyl.

If you have a rather large collection (500+ LPs) we'd be happy to schedule a convenient time to come to you and look at your records. No collection is too large and we will travel to states throughout the southeast! Please call to schedule a house call appointment.

Phone: 678.580.0583

Book an appointment.

Appointments are not required on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays.

We are always at the shop:
Thursday.........11am - 7pm
​Friday................11am - 7pm
Saturday.........11am - 7pm
Sunday...........12pm - 6pm

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