To keep track of and share your music discoveries, you can save records to a Wishlist as you browse.

Some Ways To Use Wishlists

  • You’ve found some new records while your browsing and sampling titles, but you might need to dig deeper before pulling the trigger on them
  • You’re on a budget but know what records you want to buy next
  • You’re making a birthday list to send out to your family
  • You’re trying to collect all titles from an artist or series and need to keep track of which ones you don’t have
  • You want to share a list of your recommendations with your friends

How It Works

You will need to be signed into your Comeback Vinyl account in order to create a Wishlist.

To add a record to your Wishlist, just click “Add To Wishlist” on any product page

More Pro Tips

  • You can email a copy of your Wishlist to easily share it
  • You can add items to your cart right from your Wishlist
  • You can see if an item is in stock right from your Wishlist

Items in your Wishlist aren’t held for you, and you won’t get notified if an out-of-stock title on your Wishlist gets restocked. If you want to get emailed as soon as we restock an item you’re looking for, sign up for in-stock alerts.