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We Buy Records

If you have records that you’re interested in selling and live within driving distance of the Comeback Vinyl brick + mortar shop in Alpharetta, GA, we’d love to connect with you.

We’ve created a simple process for selling your records to us whether you have just one record or thousands of albums and regardless of if you have previous experience selling records. 

Below are answers to questions we typically get asked about selling records to Comeback Vinyl. If you have any additional questions, send us an email, stop by the store, or give us a call.

What do you buy?

Genres we buy: Rock, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk, Soundtracks, Country, Rap, Punk, Metal, Christmas, and Reggae. 
We do not buy: Classical, Easy Listening, Show Tunes, Opera, Big Band, Comedy, or Children’s.

That’s okay! We buy vinyl albums from the 50’s through today.

We buy records in a variety of conditions but not all. The better the condition, the more it’s worth, but some records are sought after even in lesser condition. We only require that records have their original jacket. 

Totally! Even if you only have one record we’d be happy to look at it.

Most of the time we’re not interested in the entire collection. We can only buy records we think we can re-sell. There are various charities in the Atlanta area that accept vinyl donations, and we make regular trips to drop off records for donation. We’re happy to take any records that you’d like to donate.

What is the process?

You do not need an appointment. You can stop by any time we’re open. We’re open 11am – 7pm daily.

We do not. If you bring your records to us, we trust that you’re interested in selling them, not just having them appraised. We also won’t break down our offer record-by-record. We’ll just let you know how much we can pay for a batch of records.

Yes! If you have 1,000+ records, we can discuss the possibility of a house call. We will travel to states throughout the Southeast, and no collection is too large. Please send us an email to discuss – [email protected]

Yes, even if it’s a small amount.

We’ve been buying and selling used records since 2014 and we’ve never once lost anyone’s records. We have a storage room in our store dedicated to records that have been dropped off. Everyone’s records are in bags or boxes that are individually marked with that person’s name and phone number.

Typically 2 – 3 days but we ask for up to a week just to be safe.

We pay 1/3 to 1/2 of what we think we can re-sell them for. Most of the used records in our store sell for between $2 – $20, although, we do sell more valuable records for much more than that. If you’re curious what your records might be worth, we encourage you to take a look around the store to see if we have any of the same records in similar condition for sale right now.

Record values vary greatly depending on condition and the unique pressing (year it was made, country it was made in, pressing plant it came from). We have many years of experience determining the value of records and have a reputation of paying fairly for records that are worth a pretty penny. 

Yes! We pay about 20% more in store credit.

What do I need to do?

Please see the parking map on the bottom of this page. We recommend the rolled curb behind the building on Old Roswell Street (highlighted in yellow on the map below), but any of these areas will do.

Yes! We have a hand truck and are happy to come out to your car and bring your records into the store. Come on in and we’ll walk out with you, or call the store when you park. Our number is 678.580.0583

We’ll send you an email. If we don’t hear back after a few days, we’ll follow up via phone.

Yes! We’ll give you a slip of paper that has the date you dropped off your records, your name, our contact info, and our buying disclaimer.

Yes, and whoever is picking up your offer or records just needs your name.

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