Why Would I Pre-Order?

Pre-ordering isn’t very common for a lot of stuff that we buy. Normally you just buy something when it’s in stock. Or maybe it’s currently out of stock so you get an in-stock alert for it. But when it comes to records, pre-ordering is actually really common.

Set It And Forget It.

A new record’s just been announced from an artist that you dig. It’s coming out 3 months from now, though. You could just wait for it to come out and then buy it but why wait and risk forgetting about the release? Pre-ordering allows you to “set it and forget it”. As soon as that record is released, it’s going to be showing up at your door. It’s almost like a present to your future self.

When Waiting Won’t Work.

A lot of records are released in limited quantities. Sometimes there’s a limited-edition variant and other times there’s just not a wide release. These types of records aren’t always available after the street date because the entire pressing sells out during pre-orders. If you wait for a record to be available online and in stores, it may never happen.

It Supports The Artist Even More.

Indie musicians rely on chart positioning to get support from their record label. It’s important that their records do well in the first week of sales so that their record label can give them the advertising and media promotions necessary to keep sales going. All pre-order sales count towards that first week. We know it’s pretty businessy but hey, everybody’s gotta make a living.

It Supports The Store More, Too.

Indie record stores can have a tough time competing with the big box stores when it comes to carrying inventory. It’s a big risk for an indie store to bring in a bunch of copies of a new release because they’re not sure how well it’s going to sell. By pre-ordering, you help your favorite indie shop out by taking some of that risk away for them. It also gives them an idea of how many people are interested in a new title so that they can bring in the correct quantity of that new release.

Free Stuff. Ya, Seriously.

New releases occasionally come with a “gift with purchase” item. These could be a poster, a slip mat, stickers, t-shirts, and other cool band merch. These items are usually only available with the purchase of a new record and they’re totally free. Gift with purchase items are made in limited quantities and they’re given out on a first-come basis. So the earlier you pre-order, the better your chances of getting some free swag.

Don’t Like It? Send It Back.

Comeback Vinyl offers free returns on all new vinyl. Free returns means that you don’t pay any return shipping charges or restocking fees. You can open the record, play it, and if you don’t like it, just send it back. You have 90 days from the time you receive it to decide if it’s for you or not.
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