In-Stock Alerts

In-stock alerts are one of the most powerful features of our store, and they give you the best chance of securing the items you want most.

Why Use In-Stock Alerts

Since the vinyl resurgence, pressing plants have been overwhelmed trying to keep up with the quick rise in demand. Because of this, a lot of titles might currently be out of stock. These supply chain issues also prevent us from offering pre-orders because we can’t ensure fulfillment 100% of the time for pre-ordered releases. We know how burdensome it can be to constantly have to check several websites and stores to find what you’re looking for, and we know how frustrating it is to have your pre-order canceled. That’s why we have in-stock alerts.

A lot of limited edition titles that are in high demand sell out moments after they’re made available. We strongly encourage you to sign up for in-stock alerts for both titles that are currently being restocked as well as new releases that are coming soon. This gives you the best chance of securing the items you want most. Signing up for an in-stock alert also shows us that you’re interested in an album, which allows us to prioritize offering titles that are in high demand.

How It Works

In-stock alerts do not guarantee you a copy of the album. You will still need to purchase it when it’s stocked, so keep an eye on your email. The moment it arrives in our inventory, you’ll receive an email with a link to purchase the item. If the item has sold out by the time you see your email, you’ll need to sign up for another in-stock alert.


In addition to getting in-stock alerts, you can also keep track of items to buy later that are both in stock and out of stock by making a wishlist. To learn more about wishlists, click here.