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An American Treasure

GENRE(S): Rock

STYLE(S): Blues Rock, AOR, Southern Rock, Rock & Roll

Condition: New & Sealed

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An American Treasure: Vinyl Edition features all 60 tracks and a 48-page booklet containing all of the photographic and editorial elements found in the CD Deluxe Edition. This set also includes the Nicholas Dawidoff essay. The compilation includes many of Petty's hits, usually alternate or live versions, but also highlights some of his lesser known songs. It includes songs from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Tom Petty solo, and Mudcrutch. The compilation is generally sequenced chronologically, although there are some exceptions - mainly for live recordings. You'll encounter previously unknown recordings of Petty smashes plus songs you've never heard.


Side A
  1. Surrender (Previously Unreleased, 1976)
  2. Listen To Her Heart (Live, 1977)
  3. Anything That's Rock 'N' Roll (Live, 1977)
  4. When The Time Comes (Alternate Version, 1978)
  5. You're Gonna Get It (Alternate Version, 1978)
  6. Radio Promotion Spot (1977)
  7. Rockin' Around (With You) (Album Track, 1976)
Side B
  1. Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) (Alternate Version, 1976)
  2. Breakdown (Live, 1977)
  3. The Wild One, Forever (Album Track, 1976)
  4. No Second Thoughts (Album Track, 1978)
  5. Here Comes My Girl (Alternate Version, 1979)
Side C
  1. What Are You Doing In My Life (Alternate Version, 1979)
  2. Louisiana Rain (Alternate Version, 1979)
  3. Lost In Your Eyes (Previously Unreleased, 1975)
  4. Keep A Little Soul (Previously Unreleased, 1982)
  5. Even The Losers (Live, 1988)
Side D
  1. Keeping Me Alive (Previously Unreleased, 1982)
  2. Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger (B-Side, 1989)
  3. The Apartment Song (Demo, 1984)
  4. Concert Intro (Live, 1981)
  5. Kings Road (Live, 1981)
  6. Clear The Aisles (Live, 1981)
  7. A Woman In Love (It's Not Me) (Live, 1981)
Side E
  1. Straight Into Darkness (Alternate Version, 1982)
  2. You Can Still Change Your Mind (Album Track, 1981)
  3. Rebels (Alternate Version, 1985)
  4. Deliver Me (Alternate Version, 1982)
  5. Alright For Now (Album Track, 1989)
Side F
  1. The Damage You've Done (Alternate Version, 1987)
  2. The Best Of Everything (Alternate Version, 1985)
  3. Walkin' From The Fire (Previously Unreleased, 1984)
  4. King Of The Hill (Early Take, 1987)
  5. I Won't Back Down (Live, 1997)
Side G
  1. Gainesville (Previously Unreleased 1998)
  2. You And I Will Meet Again (Album Track, 1991)
  3. Into The Great Wide Open (Live, 1991)
  4. Two Gunslingers (Live, 2013)
  5. Lonesome Dave (Previously Unreleased, 1993)
  6. To Find A Friend (Album Track, 1994)
Side H
  1. Crawling Back To You (Album Track, 1994)
  2. Wake Up Time (Alternate Take, 1992)
  3. Grew Up Fast (Album Track, 1996)
  4. I Don't Belong (Previously Unreleased, 1998)
  5. Accused Of Love (Album Track, 1999)
Side I
  1. Lonesome Sundown (Album Track, 1999)
  2. Don't Fade On Me (Alternate Take, 1994)
  3. You And Me (Clubhouse Version, 2007)
  4. Have Love Will Travel (Album Track, 2002)
  5. Money Becomes King (Album Track, 2002)
Side J
  1. Bus To Tampa Bay (Previously Unreleased, 2011)
  2. Saving Grace (Live, 2008)
  3. Down South (Album Track, 2006)
  4. Southern Accents (Live, 2006)
  5. Insider (Live, 2006)
Side K
  1. Two Men Talking (Previously Unreleased, 2012)
  2. Fault Lines (Album Track, 2014)
  3. Sins Of My Youth (Early Take, 2012)
  4. Good Enough (Alternate Version 2012)
Side L
  1. Something Good Coming (Album Track, 2016)
  2. Save Your Water (Album Track, 2016)
  3. Like A Diamond (Alternate Version, 2002)
  4. Hungry No More (Live, 2016)

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