Record Store Day

RSD 2021 will not be happening like normal. The RSD organization has chosen to split the day into 2 drops.

Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2021 Drops

RSD 2021 will not be happening like normal. The RSD organization has chosen to split the day into 2 drops. Instead of all of the RSD exclusive releases being available starting on one day in April, Record Store Day releases will be spread out on June 12th (Drop 1) and July 17th (Drop 2).

All of the releases will still be exclusive to independent record stores and stores are not be allowed to take pre-orders.

The Record Store Day organization is allowing stores to sell RSD items online beginning at 1pm EST the day of each drop. As much as we love seeing the store full of people, we do not think it’s a good idea to have a large gathering inside the store or a long line of customers outside the store on each drop date with the pandemic still ongoing. We will be offering in-store shopping appointments on each drop date from 8am – 12pm. At noon on the day of each drop, the brick and mortar store will close for the remainder of the day. At 1pm on the day of each drop, we will begin accepting orders on for RSD Drop titles.

We will update you on what titles we have in stock by posting an excel list of every title, the price of each title, and how many we have in stock. We’ll share this on our email newsletter, Instagram, and Facebook on the day before each drop.

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General RSD FAQs

Record Store Day, also known as RSD, is an annual event that celebrates independent record stores across the world. The day is all about new vinyl releases that come out on the same day and can only be sold by independent record stores. Every year, the Record Store Day organization, along with record labels and artists, curate a list of titles to be released on RSD. Individual record stores decide which titles and how many copies of each title on The List to stock. Record stores have to purchase these titles from wholesale distribution companies. Stores are not guaranteed to receive everything that they order and stores aren’t able to return titles that don’t sell.
It’s all about celebrating independent record stores. The idea is to draw attention away from big box retailers and to focus on indie record shops instead. Not to mention it gives artists and bands a chance to put some really cool and hyper limited releases in the hands of their fans.
Record Store Day happens once in April (the 3rd Saturday) and once on Black Friday every year. The event has been going on for 10+ years.
Each year, The List contains hundreds of limited-edition new vinyl releases (7″, 12″, LPs, box sets, picture discs, colored vinyl). The List contains a mixture of genres and eras of music. Some are special edition reissues and others are being released for the first time.
We typically have most, but not all, of the titles on the RSD List. Every year Comeback Vinyl puts out a survey to allow our customers the best opportunity to get what they want. We do our best to order enough copies of the titles our customers want most. If we don’t get any or a lot of responses to a release on our survey, we usually don’t stock it.
No. Stores are not allowed to hold or pre-sell any Record Store Day titles. All record stores have to sign a pledge of rules put in place by the Record Store Day organization in order to be allowed to stock these exclusive titles. Part of that pledge includes agreeing not to sell or hold any Record Store Day product before the event.
All sales are final on Record Store Day items.
We put out an interest survey to help us determine which Record Store Day titles our customers want most. The titles that get the most picks are the ones we order the most of. If no one selects it on the survey, we don’t order any copies of it.
We’ll be sharing an excel list the day before each drop with all of the Record Store Day Drop items we have in stock with quantities and prices of each. The in-stock list will be at the top of this page, on our Instagram, on our Facebook, and emailed via our newsletter the day before each drop.
Due to the limited-edition nature of Record Store Day items, labels and distributors aren’t able to completely fill all of the orders from stores. We could order 100 copies of a certain release and only receive 10 copies of it. We could also order 100 copies of a certain release and have to pay our vendor for all 100. Because of this, it’s a tough gamble for stores to try to get the stock that they actually want. While we do our best to order plenty of copies of the most desirable titles, unfortunately we don’t always receive everything we order and sometimes we get more than we actually wanted.
Distributors and record labels provide record stores with a suggested retail for each record. Stores can price Record Store Day titles from as low as they want or up to 20% over MSRP. We price all of our Record Store Day titles at or below MSRP.
No. All Record Store Day items are limited to one per customer. Meaning you can buy 1 copy of every record but you can’t buy more than 1 copy of the same title. We do this to prevent flippers from buying up the most desirable titles as well as to allow everyone a fair chance of getting what they want.

RSD 2021 Drops FAQs

RSD titles for both of the two drops will be available for purchase on and in our brick & mortar store on the day of each drop. There will be a section on the site for each of the two drops and titles will be available beginning at 1PM eastern time on the day of each drop. In store shopping will take place from 8AM – 12PM on the day of each drop and will be by appointment only. In late May / early June we will make in-store shopping appointments available. We will post instructions on how to sign up for an in-store shopping appointment as well as a link to our Instagram and Facebook pages. We’ll also send a blast out to our mailing list.
8am – 12pm EST, by appointment only.
No. They will only be available on
We regrettably will be unable to accept phone orders on the day of each drop.
No. Due to the volume of orders we receive on RSDs and to reduce crowds at the store during the pandemic, Comeback Vinyl will only be open for in-store shopping by appointment from 8am to 12pm on each drop date. If you order online with in-store pickup, we will email you once your order is ready to be picked up. Pick ups will begin on the day following each drop.
No. In an effort to reduce flippers and allow everyone a fair opportunity to get the records they want for Record Store Day, we will not sell more than 1 copy of each title to the same customer. If you purchase more than 1 copy of a title on the same order or on a different order we will cancel all duplicate copies.
No. Items in your cart are not reserved for you until after you checkout. Also, please know that there is a small chance that an item will oversell. This can happen when 2 or more people have the last copy of a record in their cart and their payments are processing at the exact same time. Please be aware of this risk. We will cancel any items that have oversold and notify you as soon as possible.
It will be 1-2 days before your order is ready for pick up. Due to the volume of orders we receive, we are unable to process all of them instantly. You’ll receive two emails: an order confirmation email & a ready for pick up email. Please wait until you receive the ready for pick up email before coming to the brick & mortar store.
Standard shipping (5-10+ business days) is free for orders $75+ or $5 flat rate for orders less than $75. Expedited shipping (1-5 business days) is free for orders $150+ or $10 flat rate for orders less than $150. If you place multiple orders we will do our best to combine your orders into one shipment and refund any excess shipping charges but this will slow down processing times.
Due to the volume of orders we receive on RSDs, processing times are 1 – 7 days.
All orders are professionally packed in super-secure mailers designed specifically for records. Record mailers vary depending on the size of your order but rest assured that your records will be very safely packaged.

No. We will only be selling Record Store Day exclusive titles during the in-store shopping appointments. However, you can purchase non-RSD items on our website, just not in store on the Record Store Day drop date. 

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